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Premium Uni Sea Urchin Roe

Premium Uni Sea Urchin Roe

Our Premium Uni is caught fresh from Santa Barbara and delivered to your door. Our creamy 100g uni tray is transported in plastic trays to preserve it's beautiful shape and taste during shipping. 

  • 100% FRESH - Taste Our Fresh, Vibrant, Creamy Uni with its Soft, Savory, Custard Texture
  • CUSTARD OF THE SEA -Its Creaminess is Why Uni is a Rare Delicacy and known as the Custard of the Sea
  • SUSHI GRADE - Enjoy Our Fresh Uni Trays as Uni Nigiri, Uni Rolls, Uni Pasta & more
  • SUSHI CHEF QUALITY - Experience Sashimi Market's Superior Sushi Chef Restaurant Quality and Taste.
  • SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD - Our Products are Locally Caught and Sustainably Farmed to Protect the Environment.
  • FAST DELIVERY - All of Our Products are Shipped Overnight via Express Delivery. 
  • SASHIMI MARKET GUARANTEE - Each Uni Tray Comes with Our Guarantee for Freshness, Quality, & Taste

Ordering & Delivery

Fresh uni availability changes every day.

Your uni order may be delayed if we are out of sea urchin at the moment.

Your order may take an extra day or two to ship out.

*Uni orders will ship out when available*.